Aromatherapy Foam Bath
Lavender 14 oz.


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Aura Cacia Lavender, Aromatherapy Foam Bath, 14 oz. jar.

†Made with 100% pure essential oils, our all-natural aromatherapy foam baths have a unique self-foaming action that conjures up bubbles without the help of potentially harmful chemical agents. Extra-mild coconut surfactants work with the essential oils to leave the skin soft and silky smooth.

Directions: Pour desired amount into running bath water. Due to the foaming nature of this product, use sparingly in whirlpool tubs.

Indulge yourself with our quintessential lavender relaxation aroma. Contains no sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate or mono/di/triethanolamine. Paraben-free!

  • Model: 188589
  • Manufactured by: Aura Cacia