Shop Best Organic is a family business based in San Diego, California. We were inspired by the birth of our daughter and our desire to provide her with a healthy lifestyle free of chemicals, pesticides and toxins. We made the conscious choice to use natural and organic products for our everyday use, giving our baby daughter the best and healthiest environment that we could. It was not always easy to find exactly what we wanted. After a lot of research, we fell in love with a lot of great organic and eco-friendly products and we have decided to share them with you.

We are convinced that by using organic products, recycling and conserving energy we can make a difference for ourselves and the planet. We have been able to feature great organic and 100% natural products from various brands. Our inventory includes organic body care products, organic food, organic accessories, homeopathy, aromatherapy and much more. You will find USDA certified products, products that contains organic ingredients and 100% natural products. In addition, Shopbestorganic.com is proud to offer many Fair Trade products, we have a great selection or fair trade organic coffees and fair trade organic teas.

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For more information about our products please contact us at info@shopbestorganic.com


Shop Best Organic Team